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CrashLink™ helps you quickly access OEM pricing information that you used to spend time looking for in crash catalogs. Using Motor® data, CrashLink helps you determine the best price for your customers. This tool integrates with your inventory management system and allows you to search CrashLink with the press of a button. Once you have done the research in CrashLink, you can then add the pricing information you found into your management system.


CrashLink for Your Business
Use CrashLink when:
  • an insurance adjuster calls and requests a quote. You have the part in stock, but you don't have any price listed in your inventory management system. CrashLink helps you research the price before you provide a quote. (CrashLink even works for non-interchange parts!)
  • a customer calls requesting a part without interchange. You look up this part in your management system and see that you have a part in stock, but for a different model year. With CrashLink, you can research OEM interchange information to see whether the part you have in stock is compatible with the part the customer is requesting.
  • you're inventorying a vehicle in Partmate. You've never owned this vehicle before, and don't have many part prices. CrashLink helps you research fair market prices to price your parts.*
  • you find a loose part in the yard that has no tag or any other identifying features except an OEM part number. You look the OEM number up in your management system, but your system is unable to match it to an interchange number. CrashLink allows you to research this part's number to find out which vehicle it belongs to and how to price it.*

How It Works
CrashLink makes pricing decisions easier than ever! While selling, inventorying, or pricing a part in your inventory management system, press your designated F-key to initiate a CrashLink search in your browser. Because you're searching from your management system, CrashLink already knows which part you're searching for, as well as the year and model of the vehicle.

Questions Page
Once you press your designated F-key, the Questions page opens in your browser window. This page appears when CrashLink needs a little more information about your search. It allows you to further specify details so that you look up exactly the right part. To make this process even easier, if you search with a VIN in Checkmate Retro, CrashLink uses the VIN information to reduce the number of questions on this page.

All of the checkboxes are checked by default, but you can click to uncheck the box for any part you do not wish to include in your search. For example, you may want to filter out Japan-made versions of a part if you know the part you want is US-made, or you may want to search for parts of a certain color. Any boxes still left checked will be included in your search. Click SEARCH to continue.


Pricing Page
After you click the SEARCH button, the Pricing page opens. This is the main CrashLink page where you will do most of your work. The Pricing page displays OEM pricing information for the part(s) you looked up (including a diagram of every assembly component and all of those parts' prices). CrashLink makes it easy to research individual parts or view pricing information for an entire combined assembly! From here, you can print all of the information on this page, view an image of a specific component, or view all of the components that are listed in the illustration.


OEM Application Lookup Page
If you need more information about interchange application for a part, click the APP button on the Pricing page. The OEM Application Lookup page opens. This page displays all of the OEM application information for the part you select and also shows any other vehicles that use the same part. For example, a sunroof motor for a 2012 Chrysler 200 is also compatible with a 2012 Dodge Avenger.

This page is very helpful in cases where you don't have the specific part you searched for in stock. You can then use this information to search for the same part under another vehicle in your management system.


Once you have done the research in CrashLink, enter pricing information into your management system so that your inventory includes current OEM prices.

CrashLink integrates with the following products/features:
  • Car-Part Interchange Plus provides accurate interchange information for parts that did not previously have interchange available.**
  • Partmate,'s portable inventory tool, makes inventorying easier. As you work in Partmate, you can access CrashLink to price parts as you inventory (must be connected to the Internet). Click the CL button on the Parts tab to initiate a CrashLink search in your browser.*


Quick Results
CrashLink simplifies the process of pricing parts in your inventory. With the press of a button, you can find all of the information you need to accurately price parts. For more information or to subscribe, contact your CrashLink sales rep.

*This feature is available for Checkmate customers only.
**This product/feature is not included in CrashLink, but must be subscribed to separately. Contact your salesperson to learn more.

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