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Photomate by

The Photomate mobile app has two big capabilities:

  • Take photos of your inventory - your customers can see these photos online, and your salespeople can see these photos in Checkmate!
  • Change the location of your parts or conduct location audits to ensure the location information you have is accurate. Use Photomate's built-in barcode scanner, or look up parts without barcodes.

Photomate is completely integrated with Checkmate - it's easy in Checkmate to determine which parts need photos, and assign them to your team in Photomate. You can also scan parts directly into Photomate and add it to your Part List (which works as a "to do" list for each user). Photomate makes it fast and easy to take photos of these parts with your phone or tablet. The photos are attached to your inventory in Checkmate, and included in your online part listings. Including photos in your part listings helps you make your parts more attractive to online customers, who really value product images when shopping.

To help you even more, Photomate has a built-in barcode scanner, giving you the ability to conduct location audits and relocate parts, to ensure that the location information you have is up-to-date and accurate.

Photomate is user-friendly, simple to learn and use, and has features to make choosing, locating, and taking photos of parts easy and efficient. Keep reading for more information on Photomate's useful features:

Photomate Helps Teams Communicate

In Photomate, each user has a Parts List assigned to them to have pictures taken, like a "to do" list. Parts can be added to the list directly from Photomate (with the built-in barcode scanner), or these assignments can be sent straight from Checkmate.

In Checkmate, it's easy to find and identify parts that most need photos. When you send assignments from Checkmate to Photomate, your team then knows exactly which parts need photos taken.

In Checkmate Sales Pro, just search for parts like normal. On the Parts tab, locate and select the parts that need photos (it's easy with Checkmate's column filters). Click the Photomate button, which will send these parts to Photomate to have pictures taken.


You can assign these parts to any team member, and you can even include notes if you need to communicate any additional information.


This assignment is instantly available in Photomate. When your employees are taking photos in your warehouse or in your yard, there is no confusion about which parts have or need photos.

Scan Parts to Photomate Using the App Itself!

You can easily scan parts to Photomate using the built-in barcode scanner by hovering your phone over the part tag, or typing in the tag number. After scanning the part into Photomate, the part will be added to the Scanned Parts list.


Organization and Efficiency is Top Priority

  • In the Photomate app, you have a "to do" list of all of the parts that have been assigned specifically to you for photos. This is called My Parts.


  • In the Scanned Parts list, you will find all of the parts that you have scanned into Photomate.


  • You can also access the parts assigned to anyone else. The All Parts list includes all parts that have been assigned to Photomate, to any user. If one team member is sick, someone else can pick up their assignments.


  • A search box at the top of the list allows you to filter the part list. You can filter your list by many different inventory details, like part type, location, stock number, assignee, year, or model.

Image Capturing Made Easy

After selecting a part to work on, Photomate makes it easy to take photos! When you open a part, the assignment includes any Task Comments (from Checkmate) and Inventory Details to help you easily find parts, like location, tag number, stock number, part description, and pre-existing photos.


  • Tap the camera icon to open the device camera.
  • Take photos like you normally do with your phone. Take as many photos as you want of each part!


  • Select pre-existing photos from your phone gallery by tapping the menu icon in the top right-hand corner, and selecting the Gallery option.
  • Match the part and tag information on the photo screen with the part, to confirm that you're working with the correct piece of inventory.
  • Mark your photos as Private (transferred to Checkmate only), or as Primary (the thumbnail for online listings) after taking the images of that part.

Images Sent to Checkmate and Online Listings

After you're done taking your photos, you can easily transfer the photos to Checkmate with a single tap. Just tap the green check mark, and your images will be sent to Checkmate. In Checkmate, they will be available for your team to see, and they will also be included in your next inventory upload to online part listings. Remember, Photomate can transfer photos to Checkmate with Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi!* So you can transfer images to Checkmate even if you are far out in the yard.

*If you are not using Wi-Fi, your device's standard data charges will apply.

Relocate and Audit Locations

In addition to the powerful photo capabilities, Photomate also has some barcoding features built-in. With Photomate's Location Manager and barcode scanner, you can conduct location audits and relocate parts.

  • To relocate a part, just enter RELOCATE mode, then scan the part tag and the tag of the new location. Photomate will reassign this part to the new location, and update it in Checkmate.


  • If the part tag is not available or convenient to scan, you can still relocate the part without scanning the part tag. Just look up the part using the stock number and part type, instead of scanning the tag. Then, scan or type in the new location. Photomate will reassign this part to the new location, and update it in Checkmate.


  • The AUDIT mode helps you check your part location information to make sure it's accurate.
  • Just scan the location tag and then scan every part that is physically in that location.
  • Photomate will report any inconsistencies (missing parts or extra parts) and allow you to correct them immediately.

Screenshot Screenshot

Photomate Helps You, Help Your Customers

With easy navigation and an efficient method of both taking photos and updating location information, Photomate is a powerful and convenient tool that fits right in your pocket! You can ensure that your photos display the way you want in online listings, and make your parts appealing to online customers. Let Photomate help you help your customers feel more comfortable as they browse and shop online for car parts, and help you keep your inventory information current. For more information, contact your Photomate sales rep, or contact our main office at 859-344-1925.

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